Thank you fashion designers for giving us the pleasure to enjoy these amazing, funny and well done pieces. It's the small things in life that matters!

1. Fashion living on the edge? Christopher Kane works Crocs. One thing’s for sure, Crocs never looked better!


2. Can’t choose? Don’t! According to Celiné we can have it all.

3. Who doesn’t need a new Balenciaga bag?

4. Maison Margiela! Thank you for answering our latest fashion need, stylish in-ear headphones. We’re hoping for an Apple collaboration for fall 17…

5. Gucci, we have so much to thank you for. This 2-in-1 shoe is like the fashion answer to a bag-in-box. It’s cheaper and you have much more fun!

6. To all the stylist assistants out there, grab this fabulous fanny pack and run. You’re boss will thank you (and Marni) in the end!
7. Comfort is the key? If Miu Miu says so we’re in!

8. What do we remember from New York fashion week? Marc Jacobs bringing rave back in style. We are in love!

Photo: all-about-fashion, all-over-press