It’s all about fashion! Haute couture, premium ready-to-wear, the season’s it-accessories, shiniest jewelry, style icons, beauty trends and the people who influence the way we dress – DV Mode is the go-to magazine for curated highlights of today’s fashion and beauty trends. Welcome to the 2017 spring issue of DV Mode!

DV Mode, the biannual sister of Sweden biggest fashion and lifestyle magazine, Damernas Värld, saw the light in August 2004. In the last year the readership has risen with over 50 percent from the previous year, making DV Mode a uniquely strong player on Sweden’s magazine shelves, hence proving that Swedish women love fashion, and reading about it – and we love to inspire them.

DV Mode focuses exclusively on the world of fashion and beauty. The aim is to inspire the reader to embrace a daring and fun approach to clothes and styling by highlighting the season’s best collections and details, as well as portraying the familiar and new faces who make the biggest mark on the fashion industry today – and in the near future. Our fashion editorials are known for their unique point of view, and are produced by the most inspired stylists and talented photographers. A distinguished, knowledgeable and always curious editorial staff produces the magazine, one and all with a true passion for the subject at hand. The readership consist primarily of women with a disposable income and a huge love of fashion and beauty, who want to be up to date with the latest trends and news from the industry.

In the new issue of DV Mode, available in stores on March 7th, we put the spotlight on this season’s most important trends – ranging from eye-catching styling, luxurious accessories, sleek hairstyles and of course the most exciting collections from the international runways.

A selection of what to look forward to in the DV Mode 2017 Spring issue:

● Highlights from the international collections
● Makeup trends + catwalk inspiration
● The seasons fashion must haves
● The jewelry and accessories we crave